Training Semi-Hermetic Compressors, 06C/D/E

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The goal of this course is to train field personnel to identify and correct the causes of compressor failure so that repeated failures are eliminated. The program includes: Introduction to Carlyle Compressors; models 06D and 06E familiarization and operation; reciprocating compressor failure diagnosis, teardown, and analysis; system diagnostics; procedures to prevent repeat failures Students tear down and analyze field-returned failed compressors.


Attendees need to bring these tools:  Allen wrenches, Ball Peen hammer, small chisel, flashlight socket sets* and ohmmeter will be needed during the teardown. An extension cord for electric impact wrench. Impact wrench is a time saver. Rags to wipe hands and parts and GoJo or other hand soap to wash hands.

Sockets sizes for 06D & 06E Compressors:

06D compressors 06E compressors
Head Bolts 9/16” 3/4”
Bearing Head 9/16” 5/8”
Valve Backers 7/16” 7/16” + 3/8”
Suction Port 1/2” or 3/4” 3/4" or 5/16”
Rotor Bolt 15/16” 15/16”
Bottom Cover 9/16” 3/4”


There is a nominal fee of $25 per person for this course.  When you attend, you will receive a coupon for double that amount, which can be used in any WWG Totaline store across Canada. 

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